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What I hate about natural peanut butter

October 19, 2016 12:47 pm0 comments

A decade ago, I started switching to cleaner, healthier foods. It wasn’t too tough, except for one thing: I loved Skippy peanut butter, passionately. In all of its sugar-laden, hydrogenated glory. In a fridge full of fresh kale and berries, homemade almond milk (oh, those were the days…), and grass-fed butter, I clung to my little jar of nasty deliciousness for quite some time.

Eventually, I made the switch to natural peanut butter, and now I could never go back. But there is still one thing I hate about natural PB: mixing the oil in when you open a new jar. (Confession: I’ve avoided peanut butter for days while waiting for someone else to crack open the new jar and face the task.)

That is, until my father shared  this little trick: leave the jar of unopened peanut butter resting upside down for at least a day before you open it. The oil will work its way through the butter toward the top, meaning it’s already partially mixed by the time you open the jar. There’s still some stirring involved, but you don’t have to worry about splashing the oil out of the jar as you go. Much better.