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Simple ways to give more

October 5, 2017 7:52 pm0 comments

Whenever I hear about a natural disaster, I wish I could be one of those people who jumps on an airplane to volunteer with relief efforts. But at this stage in my life – with three tiny kids and a full time job –  I frequently feel like I’m drowning in my own responsibilities. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to explode from the constant mental rattling of my endless to-dos.

And yet, I’m compelled to do something to add some love and kindness into the world. So until I can make more of a concerted effort, I’m doing small things every day, like…

* Donating to GoFundMe campaigns that inspire me. Sometimes it’s someone I have a connection to, and other times I just flip through campaigns and send off a random $20 to someone who is struggling.

* Taking my kids out with chalk to write (draw) messages of kindness, hope and love on sidewalks.

* Using SmileAlways to make sure all of my eligible Amazon purchases result in a donation. Totally brainless way to give a tiny more.

* Making room for people, whether they “deserve” it or not. You know, like letting people cut in front of me in traffic.

* Sending cards. I think actually paper cards are underrated, and love sending them randomly to friends and family.

* Dropping change on the ground. This one is fun. Just grab a few handfuls of coins and sprinkle them about in the town center. You’ll give other people the excitement of finding a shiny new quarter or a heads-up penny.

* Bringing extra snacks to the playground in case another parent forgot.

* Let it go. Even when I’m absolutely most definitely right 😉

I know these are tiny little efforts in a world that needs so much help, but I figure doing something is better than doing nothing. Please share your ideas too!