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Should we expect the worst or the best?

October 18, 2016 7:35 pm0 comments

My husband and I are putting in our final offer on a house today. We really like the house, and are very ready to move out of NYC, but it’s looking unlikely that the seller will accept what we’re offering. We just don’t agree about the home’s fair market value.

A moment ago, I texted him: “I’m anxious.”

He replied: “Me too. But I think we should expect them not to accept.”

I started typing “ok :(” and suddenly thought better of it.

Why not think positively instead? And then I thought better of that too…

I replied: “Let’s just trust that whatever the outcome is, it will be for the best, whether or not we know why.” And I meant it.

There are good reasons for both positive thinking (e.g. it feels better; the power of manifestation) and for negative thinking (e.g. avoiding disappointment, being more cautious), but in my experience, the absolute best route is to expect neither the best nor the worst. It is to trust that, no matter what, the right answer will be given.