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Simple ways to give more

Whenever I hear about a natural disaster, I wish I could be one of those people who jumps on an airplane to volunteer with relief efforts. But at this stage in my life – with three tiny kids and a full time job –  I frequently feel like I’m drowning…

October 5, 2017 0 comments Read More

My post-partum uniform (for winter babies)

My friend Debra is about to have her first child. I sent her my “greatest hits” list for the baby registry, then added a couple of nursing shirts I like. Minutes later, I got her reply: “Now THIS is the stuff no one has told me about! I’m shopping for…

October 4, 2017 0 comments Read More

Should we expect the worst or the best?

My husband and I are putting in our final offer on a house today. We really like the house, and are very ready to move out of NYC, but it’s looking unlikely that the seller will accept what we’re offering. We just don’t agree about the home’s fair market value….

October 18, 2016 0 comments Read More

Being a friend through infertility

My friend Julia recently wrote a post about her experiences with trying to conceive and miscarriage. It was raw and real, and it made me realize how I had only seen the tip of her pain when she’d told me the story. Over the past handful of years, I’ve come to…

June 26, 2016 0 comments Read More

Taking Care of His Wife

I’m on the flight home from Northern California, where I just ran a 3-day leadership summit for my boss’ boss, the CIO of Google. We spent many months preparing the content and logistics, hoping to make it truly spectacular and inspiring for the 100 leaders who were invited. On night…

May 28, 2016 0 comments Read More