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Simple ways to give more

Whenever I hear about a natural disaster, I wish I could be one of those people who jumps on an airplane to volunteer with relief efforts. But at this stage in my life – with three tiny kids and a full time job –  I frequently feel like I’m drowning in my own responsibilities. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to explode from the constant mental rattling of my endless to-dos.

And yet, I’m compelled to do something to add some love and kindness into the world. So until I can make more of a concerted effort, I’m doing small things every day, like…

* Donating to GoFundMe campaigns that inspire me. Sometimes it’s someone I have a connection to, and other times I just flip through campaigns and send off a random $20 to someone who is struggling.

* Taking my kids out with chalk to write (draw) messages of kindness, hope and love on sidewalks.

* Using SmileAlways to make sure all of my eligible Amazon purchases result in a donation. Totally brainless way to give a tiny more.

* Making room for people, whether they “deserve” it or not. You know, like letting people cut in front of me in traffic.

* Sending cards. I think actually paper cards are underrated, and love sending them randomly to friends and family.

* Dropping change on the ground. This one is fun. Just grab a few handfuls of coins and sprinkle them about in the town center. You’ll give other people the excitement of finding a shiny new quarter or a heads-up penny.

* Bringing extra snacks to the playground in case another parent forgot.

* Let it go. Even when I’m absolutely most definitely right 😉

I know these are tiny little efforts in a world that needs so much help, but I figure doing something is better than doing nothing. Please share your ideas too!



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My post-partum uniform (for winter babies)

My friend Debra is about to have her first child. I sent her my “greatest hits” list for the baby registry, then added a couple of nursing shirts I like. Minutes later, I got her reply: “Now THIS is the stuff no one has told me about! I’m shopping for me tonight.”

It got me thinking about when my first son was born. I had all sorts of cute little onesies and swaddles, but only one crummy nursing tank and some stretched-out maternity sweatpants to wear around in the early days. That’s no good! I did much better the third time around. Here’s the outfit I kept on repeat:

Mind you, I am no fashion blogger. But I do aim to optimize comfort and convenience. Enjoy 🙂





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What I hate about natural peanut butter

A decade ago, I started switching to cleaner, healthier foods. It wasn’t too tough, except for one thing: I loved Skippy peanut butter, passionately. In all of its sugar-laden, hydrogenated glory. In a fridge full of fresh kale and berries, homemade almond milk (oh, those were the days…), and grass-fed butter, I clung to my little jar of nasty deliciousness for quite some time.

Eventually, I made the switch to natural peanut butter, and now I could never go back. But there is still one thing I hate about natural PB: mixing the oil in when you open a new jar. (Confession: I’ve avoided peanut butter for days while waiting for someone else to crack open the new jar and face the task.)

That is, until my father shared  this little trick: leave the jar of unopened peanut butter resting upside down for at least a day before you open it. The oil will work its way through the butter toward the top, meaning it’s already partially mixed by the time you open the jar. There’s still some stirring involved, but you don’t have to worry about splashing the oil out of the jar as you go. Much better.


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Should we expect the worst or the best?

My husband and I are putting in our final offer on a house today. We really like the house, and are very ready to move out of NYC, but it’s looking unlikely that the seller will accept what we’re offering. We just don’t agree about the home’s fair market value….

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Will I love my second baby as much as my first?

When I was pregnant with my second, I kept panicking that I would prefer one child to the other. Oh, how heartbreaking it would be if I liked the new baby more than my first son, O! How could I betray him like that? And then in the next moment, I’d be…

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